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Apparatus DENAS - was designed in 2001 for wide application in both hospitals and at home by persons that do not have medical education. It is intended to provide drug-free pain relief.

What is DENAS and DiaDENS?

The DENAS or DiaDENS device is a form of Scenar - a Russian medical device that provides biofeedback to your central nervous system allowing it restore function and structure bringing your whole body systems back to health. Scenar is pain free and non intrusive and it teaches your body how to help itself.



  • is a handheld therapeutic medical TENS device for both personal use and therapist use. It is included in the Australian Register of Therapeutic Goods (ARTG), Aust I 169570 .

Dynamic Dual-Range Electro Neuro Stimulation (DENS)

  • is a new method of transcutaneous (through skin) electro neurostimulation (TENS).

Impulses of current constantly transform their form in response to the alteration of skin resistance in the zone under electrode.

DENAS Features

  • DENAS falls into the category of dynamic TENS devices.
  • Very few contraindications (see below)
  • Biological feedback for each individual
  • Can be used with other kind of treatments
  • The device is very reliable
  • Can be used by therapists in the clinic or patients at home (depending on device modification)
  • Contraindications:
    • electric current intolerance
    • presence of implanted pacemaker
    • first trimester of pregnancy

History of DENAS

  • First apparatus providing pain relief via biofeedback was called Self Controlling Energo-Neuro Adaptive Regulator (SCENAR).
  • SCENAR was designed 30 years ago by Russian scientists, as part of a medical program of the Centre of Aerospace Flights, for use on space missions by the astronauts limited in their use of conventional drugs.
  • The ancestor of DENAS devices is the apparatus SCENAR - 032 - PROTON, that was invented by Karasev. It was the primary product of Corporation DENAS MS until year 2000.
  • DENAS therapy draws on Functional and Traditional Chinese medicine.

DENAS today

  • DENAS physiotherapy was clinically tested in Russia at different scientific centres, universities, institutes, hospitals, clinics. The method of DENS-Therapy is now registered in Russia among other primary medical methods (such as surgery, ultrasound, physiotherapy etc).
  • In Australia, pilot study has recently been carried out by the Department of Health and Chiropractic at Macquarie University on the effectiveness of ENAR (device based on the same technolody as DENAS) and TENS therapy on chronic pain.
  • In the late 90s DENAS therapy has spread out in UK, Canada, Holland, Hungary, Finland, USA and other countries around the word. DENAS Corporation has won many prestigious awards, including international, for its family of DENAS devices.


DENS-therapy: new direction in pain management physiotherapy

  • The method of DENS-THERAPY has a number of essential differences from other kinds of treatment:
    • Device arranges parameters of generated medical impulses depending on reaction of a human body
    • Presence of a feedback by the device - registration of reaction of a human body
  • ​DENAS treatment results in swift pain relief.

Basic principles

The appliance DENAS has the biological return connection and produces a dynamic neuro-like impulse.


The appliance can be used in combination with pharmacological therapy. The use of the appliance can be also combined with non-pharmacological methods of treatment such as: acupuncture, massage, homeopathy, mud bath, physiotherapy, etc.

The favorable effect of the DENS-therapy on pain management is proven objectively by experimental research carried out in the laboratory of biophysics of the Institute of clinical and experimental medicine in Moscow. It also has MDC EC Certifications for medical devices and is included in the Australian Register of Therapeutic Goods (Medical Devices).

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