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The Method

Essential point of method

Dynamic electroneurostimulation (DENS) is a new method of electro- neurostimulation penetrating through the skin, consisting in influence on particular active reflexogenous zones by short impulses of current , constantly reacting by transformation of their form to the alteration of skin resistance in the zone under electrode.

Advantage of method

Dynamically altering form of impulses excites not only sensitive, but also motive nerves, which results in not only immediate symptomatic effect, but in a steady analgesic effect. Dynamically altering form of impulses almost excludes the accommodation (adaptation) of excitable tissues to the impulse.

The next characteristic peculiarity is a "dosed regime" of influence, which allows switching the action off automatically after reaching required level of impedance. In the regime of "dosed" influence the device automatically switches off when electric skin parameters reach a certain level and remain on that level during a set period of time.


Apparatus treatment is performed only in presence of pain complaint. Complaint is present – treatment is performed. No complaint – no treatment.

DENS-therapy should be started immediately after pain complaint appearance. Timely use of the apparatus gives a possibility to achieve positive results quicker.

Apparatus Modes of Operation

Dosed Mode

Upon completion of the required treatment the device emits a light and sound signal. While operating under the dosed mode, electrodes of the apparatus should be firmly positioned on the required zone of dry skin. Electrodes should be applied to the next zone only after the signal is produced. It is not allowed to move electrodes along the skin while operating under the dosed mode.

The dosed mode is applied to reveal trigger (pathogenic) zones and zones of asymmetry on the body .

Constant mode

The duration of the session should be determined by an operator in compliance with the technique described in the manual. While operating under the constant mode, apparatus can be positioned steady as well as moved along the skin surface with a speed of 1-2 cm per second. The constant mode is applied at localized complaints, as emergency aid, and for treatment of revealed trigger zones and zones of asymmetry.

The device is very compact, easily finds room in a pocket of a jacket or ladies' purse, its weight is about 200 grams, the source of energy is 1 AA battery, the resource of which is good for four hours of continuous work.

Technical characteristics

  1. Power supply: 1 AA battery, 1.5+0.2 V
  2. Pulse series duration: 0.3 to 4.5 s.
  3. Duration of pause between pulse series: 2 + 0.3 s
  4. Pulses frequency, Hz
    • dosed mode: 10+1
    • constant mode: 77+3
  5. Maximum voltage from peak to peak: 420 Vpp (open output)
  6. Non-stop operation time, hours: Not less than 4
  7. Unit weigth, kg: 0.3
  8. Dimensions of the electric stimulator, mm: 195 x 65 x 45